When I wake up by my alarm this morning I’m tempted to keep laying, but I hear the Germans outside and I get up to say goodbye to them. Then I make myself some breakfast and think about what to do today. After a while the other camper also leaves and I stay alone here. Except for the birds it’s very quiet and it’s nice to be alone in nature. It has been a while since I was camping somewhere alone, that must have been in one of the bays in the North. I decide I’ll have a relaxed day today. I clean up my camper a bit, update the blog and read inside my camper for a while. Except for the park ranger who drives by a couple of times per day and maybe if some other campers will come later today, I’ll probably be alone the whole day. I might go for a short hike in the afternoon or just stay inside and watch some series. It’s nice to have a chill day and no need to go anywhere. I have food enough for today and tomorrow, so I can just stay here in nature.

Waking up in nature
Spending a morning reading in the camper
Me in front of a bridge
Healthy breakfast to start the day with
Hiking in the forest
Crossing a bridge on a hike to Rivendell
A cup of coffee to wak up
Hiking next to the river
Hiking to Rivendell

I stay inside and read a book until the the afternoon. For an energetic person like me it can be challenging to do almost nothing for a day, but now I actually enjoy having a lazy day. When the sun shows up and I’ve almost finished my book I feel that it’s time to go outside and walk for a while. I follow the river to Rivendell, the same hike I did about a month ago. I enjoy seeing the same places again and it’s a very different walk, because it’s not raining now. It even gets warm with the sun. I see more of what’s around me than I saw last time when it was dark and raining. I now see huge trees just a few steps from the walking path. In Rivendell is a bench with a sign on it saying that’s is placed there in loving memory of two people spending many hours in the park. I think that’s a good idea and I sit there for a while. After traveling for more than a month in New Zealand I find that this is my favorite place (perhaps except for Hobbiton). It’s the most peaceful place of all. Being here also reminds me that the adventure is almost over and the bit of sadness that comes with that thought shows me how great this adventure is. Thankful for this journey I walk back to my camper. I’m getting hungry and make myself some nice toast with eggs and cheese for lunch. I realize what a luxury it is to have this campsite in the middle of nature all for myself.

Huge tree
Flourishing tree in front of Rivendell
Sign on a bench in Rivendell
Me in front of huge tree
Catching up with some old friends
Rivendell 2
Back in Rivendell
Hiking on a sunny day

The rest of the afternoon I spend in my camper with the doors open, reading books. It’s a relaxing day and I enjoy it. It’s also one of the few sunny days, a perfect day to stay at one place. In the evening I make myself some soup for dinner, another easy camping meal which is still kind of healthy.  After I had dinner, a girl from California and a local guy arrive at the camping place. They also eat some food and he tells me I picked the right day to stay here, because tomorrow it’ll be raining again. I’m glad I stayed here for a day.

The Rangers Office
Private campsite
Beautiful view during sunset