It’s interesting how every hostel has it’s own vibe. This surfers hostel isn’t so welcoming actually and the staff and long-stay people are quite exclusive. I didn’t mind it too much, because I liked the jacuzzi, but last night some of my travel friends who also just arrived here asked me out of the blue if I had noticed it as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. It makes me appreciate again what a great job Miki had done with the Hippo Lodge in Queenstown. He made sure everyone felt welcome and was immediately included in the group, I think that’s what makes a house a home. It’s quite the opposite here, people don’t talk that much with each other and the main group just stick to themselves. Time to travel further. I say goodbye to my new friends from Germany. I’m very glad I’ve met them, that alone would be reason enough to have visited this place. I hope to meet them again some time in the Netherlands or in Germany. They recommend me to go to Raglan Roasters, a local coffee place, where I get a great cappuccino.

Raglan Roast Coffee
Main Lodge in the jungle
Couches in the living room
Parking in the jungle
Main lodge in the jungle 2
Playing pool
Little kitchen in the jungle
Free Wi-Fi
Volleyball at the beach

Yesterday during surfing I met some cool people from a hostel not too far from here, called Karioi Lodge, and I decide to there. It’s only ten minutes driving and the lodge is in the middle of the forest. They have a nice parking place for me and they have free Wifi as well. This is really a cool place, there are many wooden buildings in what looks like to be a jungle. In the main building a group of people is sitting on the wooden balcony. Inside are some couches and a huge tv. There is a big kitchen as well and there are coin machines for drinks and snacks. I think it’s a great place to relax for a day or two. I talk with some people and then sit down in the living room with my laptop to do some writing and catching up on e-mail. There is another guy with his laptop, he is from Spain and we talk a bit. I think this place is quite different than the hostel I stayed the last two days and I like it already.

In the afternoon we watch a movie on the huge tv in the living room and then some people suggest to go to the beach. We get into two cars and drive to the seaside. We play soccer and volleyball at the beach and have a great time. After traveling alone for quite some time I appreciate the company of nice people even more. We stay at the beach until dinner time and then get back to the hostel to eat dinner and chill out at the couches with another movie. The living room is quite big here and we hang out here with about ten people. I like this place and I think I will stay here for a least one more day.